Dota 2: Arteezy - Topson and Ceb joins Battle against Cr1t, N0tail and MidOne | Cr1t reads Rtz again

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Arteezy plays Arc Warden and is against a Techies (once again). During the laning phase, Arteezy's support Lich discovers that he could disrupt Techies blast off, with his Sinister Gaze. This enabled them to minimize Techies' impact during the laning stage, and allow Arteezy to have a relatively easy laning phase. With an early advantage, Arteezy was able to sky rocket his net worth with double Midas, and a Jacked Clone with Boots of Travels terrorizing the enemy. His team was able to win a majority of the team fights, but Arteezy remains vigilant, as he understands the terror of Techies.

For the second game, Arteezy queues into a game with almost the entire OG squad( N0tail, MidOne, Topson, Ceb), and also Cr1t on the opposite side. Arteezy plays Void and has to go an aggressive fighting build, to match the aggression of N0Tail (Wisp) and MidOne (Gyrocopter). Things aren't going well for Arteezy, as he feels the pressure of the worlds best supports, as well as one of the best carry player. Crazy high skill game with a lot of early game team fights.

Third game was a really clowny game. Arteezy played Arc Warden and was hit with one of the oldest tricks in the Dota books, he got glimpsed back to his base after he tped to his tier 1 tower. His team had some internal issues and began tilting and flaming each other. Arteezy just chills out in the jungle, and employs his trademarked efficient farming patterns. With an item advantage, Arteezy was able to rally his team together and win team fights after team fights.

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00:00 - 12:00 - Arc Warden's Champion Mentality
12:01 - 17:46 - Void's Unenjoyable Experience with OG
17:47 - 18:09 - What went wrong
18:10 - 28:04 - Arc Warden's Bootstraps

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